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in the development of oil deposits.

New languages

Added news:26 April 2017 17:58

Our site has been translated into new languages

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Withdrawal to the new e-payment systems

Added news:20 April 2017 20:25

We have added new ways to withdraw your funds.

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Service statistics

Added news:13 April 2017 19:07

On the main page, we have published our investors' deposits and withdrawals data.

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Registering a subsidiary

Added news:12 April 2017 07:52

In view of the significant influx of investors, the Headquarters of OIL UAE LTD (Malta) has made the decision to register the subsidiary OIL UAE LTD (UK) whose entire focus will be on managing our investors' cash flow.

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Translation of the site into new languages

Added news:29 March 2017 13:50

The site is translated into French, Arabic, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Polish and Spanish.

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Start of dealing with private investors

Added news:06 March 2017 08:50

Our company starts working on accepting funds from private investors from around the world.

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